How To: Shoot & Share Animated GIFs on Your Amazon Fire Phone

Shoot & Share Animated GIFs on Your Amazon Fire Phone

The camera on the Amazon Fire Phone is simple and easy-to-use, with a 13-megapixel rear shooter with optical image stabilization, but there are a couple of features that makes this camera stand out from others.

The first is its ease of access. With a dedicated hardware button resting under the volume keys, you can launch the camera from within any app, and even with the screen off. Then, just hit the button again to take a shot. It's great for capturing fleeting moments that would be otherwise missed by having to unlock and launch the camera like on most other phones.

The second unique, and frankly pretty cool feature, is the camera's Lenticular mode, allowing you to take a series of images as a single shot. In this guide, I'll be showing you how to use it to create animated GIFs.

Just open up the Camera app, hit the gear icon on the top left, and select Lenticular to get started.

Now just started taking shots—as many as you want, including switching back and forth between front and rear cameras—and hit the forward arrow button when you're done.

Start tilting your device, and you'll see the pictures rotate as you move. If you want to take more, hit the back button and keep shooting, otherwise hit the checkmark to have your Lenticular photo stored to the Gallery.

When viewing the picture on your Fire, you can continue to tilt the device to shift through the shots, or hit the share button to send your photos as an animated GIF.

And that's it. Share them with any capable app, including Email, Facebook, and Messaging.

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