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How To: Buy a new eBook on an Amazon Kindle 2 eReader

Interested in adding a new book to your digital collection? It's easy! And this brief video tutorial from the folks at Butterscotch will teach you everything you need to know. For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, and to get started buying and downloading eBooks from the Amazon bookstore to your own Kindle 2 or Kindle 3 eReader, take a look.

How To: Put music and text files onto an Amazon Kindle

See how easy it is to install media on your Amazon Kindle! CNET Quick Tips shows you how to use the USB cable to put your own documents on the Kindle to read later. You can add music and text files by simply dragging and dropping the files onto the Kindle from your computer. This video makes it all look so easy.

How To: Replace Your Kindle's Broken E Ink Display Yourself

The reason Amazon's Kindle has become so popular over the past several years is due to the amount of digital books one can fit inside—over 1,000 for the smallest Kindle. Gone are the days of lugging around heavy books to school and the airport. Instead we can fit our e-readers snugly inside our bags and never worry about forgetting a book.

How To: Add Your Own Custom Screensaver Images to Your Kindle Lock Screen

Don't be too disappointed if you don't have the spiffy new Kindle Touch, there is an up side. The benefit to owning the older (duller) models is that the firmware remains the same throughought generations, so the hacks retain their usefulness. This has given the modding community for Kindle a bunch of time to flourish, with tons of great code, hacks and homebrew. Today's Null Byte is going to show you how you can root, and then remove the crappy original screensavers that come installed on th...

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