How To: Use Your Kindle 3 eBook Reader Device from Amazon

Use Your Kindle 3 eBook Reader Device from Amazon

According to, Kindle was their best-selling item this year, which means many, if not all of you are playing with a brand new Kindle on Christmas Day.  Of all of Amazon's Kindle models, the Kindle 3 (6") will be the most common eReader in everyone's hands, either the Wi-Fi version or the 3G model.

But if you're new to Kindle eReading devices, check out all of the How to Use Your Kindle 3 eBook Reader Device from AmazonKindle tutorials on WonderHowTo for help.

Also, there's a good article at College Degrees, called Hack Your Kindle: 100+ Tips, Resources, and Tutorials to Read Better and Learn Faster, which links to many different how-to articles across the web.

Plus, Amazon has plenty of information available on their Kindle website to help you get started with reading eBooks, downloading free Kindle eBooks, setting up the wireless connection, staying organized and much, much more!  If you need help with your Kindle, this is the place to go.  They can tell you how to do just about anything with your new Kindle eReader.

Simply visit the Kindle Support section on their website and choose your model.  For convenience's sake, here's all of the quick links to their extensive guide to getting started with your Kindle 6" (Latest Generation).

How to Use Your Kindle 3 eBook Reader Device from Amazon

For New Kindle Users

Wireless on the Kindle 3

Shopping for Kindle Content

How to Shop for Content on the Kindle 3

How to Shop the Kindle Store on

Managing Your Kindle 3 on

Organizing Your Kindle 3 Content

Experimental Features

Traveling with Your Kindle

Using Kindle if You Live Outside the United States

Customize Your Reading

Giving Kindles and New Content

Managing Your Kindle Subscriptions

Transferring, Downloading and Sending Files to Kindle

Troubleshooting Your Kindle

Kindle Resources

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