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Urgent: If You Own an Older Kindle, You Must Do This Immediately

If you want your Kindle to connect to the internet, you have to install the latest update for Kindle devices (not the Kindle Fire) by today. Amazon released a statement urging Kindle users to install a "critical software update" by March 22nd to maintain the Kindle's internet capability, which includes accessing and downloading Kindle books from the online store or any other internet-required service.

News: Drop That Kindle—Amazon Removes Encryption Support for Fire Tablets (Update: It's Coming Back)

If you have personal information stored on a Kindle Fire tablet, be warned that Amazon has removed encryption support for Fire OS 5. So if you have stuff on these devices...maybe a risque book, or private notes, or pictures you'd rather not let out to the world, now would be the time to remove them. And unless Amazon changes its mind and re-enables encryption, don't use your device for anything personal, as anyone who gets a hold of it will be able to gain access to everything on it.

News: Amazon Echo Is Google for Your Living Room

You have to give Amazon credit where it's due. Aside from being a retail powerhouse, they're not averse to dipping their feet in new and sometimes strange areas. Take Fresh, the first major effort at bringing your local goods directly to you in same-day fashion. Or Amazon Dash, which aimed to make adding items to your cart a breeze by allowing for scanning goods or speaking them into a small, hand-held device. Along these lines, the company has now introduced an invite-only product, the Amazo...

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